Food Virtuous

A few years ago, there were absolutely little to no options for healthy, clean and easy foods. There was a big gap in the market for vegetarian and vegan options. So we decided to venture on this journey, to challenge ourself to create a menu and environment that would promote the wellbeing and sustainability within the community.

So, from day one, we decided that we would take a homemade approached to our menus.

Most of our food is 100% vegetarian and vegan, we aim to be at least 110% awesome in everything we do. Many of our dishes are easily adjusted to gluten free options or to its desire.

Local Approach / Community

Small businesses are still the heart of an island. Since this is a small island we personally know the people behind every local business which is where we get most of our products and services. Our approach on supporting local gives us the best benefits to achieve our goal on sustainability, fresh, better quality and at the same time providing a place for everyone to be happy to live and work in.

We seek to establish partnerships with local growers and suppliers whenever possible. 

We are a scratch kitchen which focuses on utilizing local vendors, sustainable businesses practices, and seeking to give more than we take.

We offer a wide variety of menu items that are suitable for many dietary restrictions, and we cultivate an environment of inclusivity.

Our menu items are free of artificial colors, preservatives and flavors, We make food to nourish our community with fresh ingredients. We are both a neighborhood gathering place and a worldwide destination.

Please come and sit back, relax, enjoy and let us serve you.